Spanish laws governing the transmission and the registration of real property are varied and complex.


To avoid problems in the future is necessary to perform a research before to signing the purchase / sale private contract.


We can help you verifying and controlling aspects such as:



1) Checking the Territorial Cadastre Office ( CATASTRO ) files and maps , to ensure that the ownership , description , size and boundaries correspond to the reality of the plot.


2) Checking the Land Registry files to ensure that there are no charges , mortgages, easements or encumbrances on the property and that there is a clear title deed.


3) Checking the urbanistic conditions at the Townhall.


4) Taxes to be paid a result of the property transmission ( VAT / ITP ) and taxes to be paid in the future for having / selling the property ( IBI , INCOME TAX , PLUSVALIA, NON RESIDENTS TAX FORM


5) Calculation of the transmission expenses ( Notary and Land Registry fees )


6) Obtaining the foreign identification number (NIE) , the fiscal identification number (CIF) and opening a bank account with a Spanish bank.


7) Inform the Bank of Spain on your investment in real estate.


8) Assist you with the purchase / sale private contract.


9) Arrange all payments to the seller trough your own account or through our client deposits account.


10) Obtain the certificate of investment in real estate from the Spanish bank.


11) Assist you at the Notary office for the purchase / sale title deed signature , or sign it on your behalf if you wish.


12) Arrange the change of name for the property services ( water, electricity , telephone, community rules and charges )




Once you have received the keys of your new home, we will be at your disposal to help you resolving any issues or any detail, no matter how small or trivial it may be.


If it's important to you, it is important for us.







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